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IT"s Alright to be a Square Wedding Cake                         wedding    

What is a Deconstructed Wedding Cake?

Deconstructed Wedding Cake Our deconstructed wedding cake is a simple, yet beautiful way to add color and personality to your dessert table. It’s a contemporary twist on the traditionally tiered wedding cake.  You to select a variety of cakes and icing to be displayed across a beautifully decorated table. Laid out together, the tiers are transformed into a table of delectable desserts. For each display, couples can choose from a variety of flavors and colors, as well as layout, to match personal tastes.   Today, more and more couples are foregoing the traditional wedding cake and choosing something with a little more personality. Some options have been cupcakes or cake pops, but cutting out the tiered cake doesn’t have to mean eliminating cake altogether.   With a deconstructed cake, you can work in more flavors and place small signs near each cake to let your guests know what’s inside.You can follow a theme for a total look without sticking to one design. The cake w

8 Reasons to Choose a Cupcake Wedding Cake     Wedding cupcakes are the most fashionable alternatives to the traditional tiered wedding cake .  Designed to eat at the reception or guest can take them home.   Well-decorated cupcakes can serve as stand-alone decor! Cupcakes are a great option to 'cut' costs (unless you get fancy with sugar flowers and other time intensive details). Cupcakes are generally cheaper than a traditional cake.  I say generally because some bakeries charge almost per serving as a cake.  Why?  Well it takes almost the same amount of labor to produce large number of cupcake vs. a cake.  So labor cost can come into play.  Especially if you choose a very ornate designs. Great for DYI Brides. You can order 200 cupcakes from your local grocery  store (or box discount stores) for under $150.00. Make your on little personalized toothpick flags for each cupcake. Special note I don't recommend that brides stay up all night before their wedding making, fr

Cheesecake Wedding Cake