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French Macaron Wedding Cakes

Awww the beautiful French Macaron (not to be confused with a macaroon).Two perfect little puffs with delicious cream sandwiched in between. Could anything be more heavenly (aside from a nice piece of chocolate cake warm from the oven) or more beautiful! I love the French macarons! So much prettiness packed into a tiny little sweet! I am not surprised in the least that they have become superstars amongst the pastry world and are popping up in the most unexpected places!
The cutest of all the cookies and the most versatile! Long used for tea parties, wedding favors and precious little treats for any elegant dessert table are now making grand appearances on cakes! I am familiar with the “macaron tower” which can be very elegant on it’s own let alone when paired with a flurry of desserts



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Our deconstructed wedding cake is a simple, yet beautiful way to add color and personality to your dessert table. It’s a contemporary twist on the traditionally tiered wedding cake.  You to select a variety of cakes and icing to be displayed across a beautifully decorated table. Laid out together, the tiers are transformed into a table of delectable desserts. For each display, couples can choose from a variety of flavors and colors, as well as layout, to match personal tastes. Today, more and more couples are foregoing the traditional wedding cake and choosing something with a little more personality. Some options have been cupcakes or cake pops, but cutting out the tiered cake doesn’t have to mean eliminating cake altogether.

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